Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jesuit General...The Black Pope

The real power in the vatican is the Black Pope. They are top level Freemasons. They are the army of the catholic cult.
High-Level, Jesuit-authored and directed, Illuminized Freemasonry is the Devil’s “Invisible Empire” ruling the governments of the nations for the benefit of the Pope of Rome. Both Pope Benedict XVI and his master, Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas, are themselves Illuminized Freemasons of the highest rank. Such as been the case for both the White Pope and the Black Pope since no later than 1900. Further, the world headquarters for Scottish Rite Freemasonry is next to the Jesuit Order’s first and oldest “Church” in Rome (Chiesa del Gesu) located within the Jesuit Order’s Piazza del Gesu (“plaza of Jesus”) in the city that sits on seven hills—”the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth!”

The "Black" Pope, The Jesuit’s General

Interview with Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins

Martin: Where does Satan fit into this picture, and what is the ultimate goal of the Jesuits, the so-called Society of Jesus?
The Jesuit General is the absolute, complete, and total dictator and autocrat of the Order. When he speaks, his provincials move. The provincials are his major subordinates. There are around 83 provincials right now. As I understand it, the Jesuit Order has divided the world into 83 regions. Ok? For each region, there is a Jesuit provincial. There are 10 provincials in the United States. There is one for Central America. There is one for Ireland. They’ve divided up the world into these provinces. So it’s old Babylonian provincial government, centered in Nebuchadnezzar or the Jesuit General himself; so it’s strictly a Roman form of government where all the states or provinces are subordinate to this worldwide sovereign.
You think the catholic church is against Freemasons? It might say so on paper, but i already posted pics of Freemason occult symbols in the catholic cult. Nice cult you dumb freaks got there

Catholic Church is full of the Occult

In the picture to the left, under the bell tower is the All Seeing Eye of Horace. A notorious Freemason and occult Egyptian symbol. To the right, behind the costume holyman is anothe Seeing Eye. Someone blabbed out that the CC doesnt agree with Freemasonry. But i assure you, the catholic cult is chock full of freemasons. Over in the new pics section, we see Pope John paul sitting in his Lazy-boy. Notice the upside down cross on his chair. This is a well known Satanist symbol. Look it up for yourselfs. Some idiot catholic told me it was the cross of Peter. Of course catholics will say anything to smooth things over. A cross of a man! A sinful man. Did Peter die for my sins? Is he a spotless sacrifice? I guess if i was in a false religion, i would have to say anything also. Here is what the occult symbols do. They use witchcraft to control your mind and keep you in the cult of the costume holyman. Look at catholics. In the face of accurate evidence that the CC is the woman on the beast, they still say its not. That hypnosis. The cult of the roman holyman uses incantations and spells. The pedophile priest mumbles magic words and god obeys. Look at the Jesuits. Ever heard of a Black Mass? The Jesuits have those black hoodie robes with the rope for a belt. The have a big bon fire and stand around it chanting things. Dark words. They do this in the Vatican also. Time to rethink where you trust your salvation in. Tune in next time when i will expose the Black Pope. In the mean time, you could look it up. Now get back on your knees to Jupiter, the Pope commands you

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lourdes Treasures of the Vatican

The fabulous treasure of Lourdes (France], whose existence was kept secret by the Catholic Church for 120 years, has been unveiled.... Rumours have been circulating for decades about a priceless collection of gold chalices, diamond-studded crucifixes [a far cry from the bloodstained cross on which Christ died], silver and precious stones donated by grateful pilgrims.
After an indiscreet remark by their press spokesman this week, church authorities agreed to reveal part of the collection ... [some] floor-to-ceiling cases were opened to reveal 59 solid gold chalices alongside rings, crucifixes, statues and heavy gold brooches, many encrusted with precious stones.
Almost hidden by the other treasures is the "Crown" of Notre Dame de Lourdes, made by a Paris goldsmith in 1876 and studded with diamonds.
Church authorities say they cannot put a value on the collection. "I have no idea," says Father Pierre-Marie Charriez, director of Patrimony and Sanctuaries. "it is of inestimable value."...
Across the road is a building housing hundreds of [antique] ecclesiastical garments, robes, mitres and sashes — many in heavy gold thread....
"The Church itself is poor," insists Father Charriez. "The Vatican itself is poor." 15 [The treasure described here is only part of that which is kept in one location, the small town of Lourdes, France!]

The more you look into that Satanic catholic church, the astonishing Johns prophesy becomes. Deadly accuracy.
Oh no, it must be some other gold and jewel laden church on 7 hills that rules over the kings of the earth.
HAHAHA. If i was catholic, i would seriously consider getting out and asking Jesus for salvation

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Almost forgot the Gold and Jewels of the catholic Church

The clear, unmistakable and uncontestable truth concerning the Roman Catholic Church is that for 1,000 years it has been the most dominant organization on the planet, during which time it virtually owned directly or indirectly the whole or the majority of wealth of Europe.

For the four hundred years up until the last century, it was well recognized that the Roman Catholic Church also owned and controlled vast wealth and people of the Americas including large parts of South-East Asia and Africa.

Again, let us be absolutely clear on this. The Catholic Church for the past 1,000 years was the indisputable largest economic entity of humanity history. No other nation, corporation or group of families came anywhere close. For centuries, the Church and the Popes had unfettered access to the plunder of Islamic countries, of the ancient Celts and Saxons, of ancient Greek, of ancient Egypt, of the entire fortunes of gold of the Americas, of the mines and civilizations of Africa.

Why do you think scarlet and purple are Catholic colours?

Brother Johndc asked me this question. What makes me think the colors of the catholic church are purple and scarlet. He also stated that John the revelator couldnt have known about the catholic church. Let me find the the actual quote befor he erases it...."Dear Brother Bosco, do think about it. The Revelation of St. John the Divine was written before the end of the first century. How could its author have been referring to the Church in Rome at that time?"
Here we have the typical catholic who cant believe god knows the future. His god is a cement statue of a female, who can neither walk or talk. Now lets see...hhhhhmmmm, what makes me think that the dirty filthy murderous catholic cult dresses in purple and scarlet.
So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration. -Apocalypse (Revelation) 17:1-6
I guess if i were catholic id like all this to go away. But knowing me, i would believe scripture and get out of that false religion. God saw it and told it like it is. He nailed it and it is there for us to see now. Prophesy come to life. God is great. He tells the end from the beginning. The blind and confused catholic cant tolerate truth, thats why they have a catechism, cause the bible displays the filth that is in false religious systems, like the CC for example. The catholic cult plays the major roll in the tribulation, thats why its identified in the book of Rev. Does this answer your question brother John? Come on. Poke your head out from under that rock and say it aint so. You can do it. Show us what youre made of.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Due to Overwheming Support

It seems that some catholics are not happy about my choice of pictures. Hey, its your religion, so suck it up.
What have we here? Catholic priests gathered around a graven image. Brother John would like me to believe its lunchtime and they are all eating hamburgers. They are waving to and praying to an image, an idol. The saved wouldnt be caught dead worshipping idols. Its ridiculous and stone age. And wicked. Those priests arr wicked wicked people. Ill bet they are all child molesters.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

You is a fraud Brother Bosco

Yes, i might be stupid and a fraud, but i dont bow to graven images and believe that god bows humbly to a freaking pedophile catholic priest. Bozo and Eccles do. Thats cause the catholic churches false doctrine has truned their brain into oatmeal.
"I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images." —Isaiah 42
That means god hasnt given glory to some Mary.
God is more jealous than any husband or wife could ever be. It is a dangerous thing to commit idolatry. It is a sin to bow to any saint. Roman Catholicism twists the Bible, actually condoning the idolatrous glorifying of dead people (saints). It is a sin to pray to anyone or anything in an attempt to influence God. There is ONLY One Mediator between God and men--The Lord Jesus Christ...

"For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" -1st Timothy 2:5

The ONLY Way to God the Father is through God the Son. John 14:6 declares...
Thats rite Bozo. Your filthy religion has got you praying to dead people.Youre so smart and im so stupid.
John the Baptist was called the greatest man born amongst men (Mathew 11:11), yet Jesus said that he that is LEAST in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John. The same is true with Mary or anyone else. If it were not for God's merciful grace, we would all be hopelessly bound for hell damnation (and that includes Mary).
You catholics have been conned by Satan, the master of the catholic cult. But, that dont bother Bozo. Hes busy callin me names, while his local priest is bustin his little boy in the back room. Then the criminal comes out and calls god down from heaven.What a joke. But its a joke people like Bozo and Eccles can believe, because they are so smart.
The Catholic crowd likes to do the same thing as the Wiccan witches do...claim that all Christians are ignorant of history. How convenient that so many heathen groups can claim legitimacy and trustworthiness based upon ambiguous history. If anything, history reveals that the Catholic religion is composed today of a series of invented heresies from over the centuries.

What will be the next invention? The Roman Church says it never changes; yet, it has done nothing else but invent new doctrines which are contrary to the Bible, and has practiced rites and ceremonies taken bodily from paganism. Some scholar has found that 75% of the rites and ceremonies of the Roman Church are of pagan origin.
Suck it up Bozo, and then let it go in Eccles mouth

Monday, April 18, 2011

What utter bollocks boscot. Another lie to add to your growing list.

Catholic Dilemma: Reading the Bible

* FACT 1: Until the present generation, the Roman Catholic Church forbade her people to read the Bible for themselves under pain of 'mortal sin.' That is, the Catholic who owned or read the Bible was de facto condemned to Hell.


The Bible was placed on Rome's Index of Forbidden Books list by the Council of Toulouse/Toledo in the year 1229. It remained there until the index was discontinued at Vatican Council II. Anyone reading or owning a 'forbidden' book was anathematized, or cursed and remanded to hell for doing so.

Cannon 14 from the Council of Toulouse says that the Roman Catholic Church:

"Forbids the laity to have in their possession any copy of the books of the Old and New Testament.... and most strictly forbids these works in the vulgar tongue."

Roman Catholic apologist Karl Keating confirms this fact when he writes that, "the bishops at Toulouse restricted the use of the Bible until the [Albigensian] heresy was ended." (Page 45, Catholicism and Fundamentalism, by Karl Keating). The peculiar thing is that the Bible remained on the Index of Forbidden Books for another 730 years! In his dance with truth, Mr. Keating takes care to omit this little fact.

Still More Evidence. This teaching was confirmed at the Council of Trent (Session IV, April 8, 1546 Decree Concerning the Canonical Scriptures). The Council of Trent went further, stating that anyone who dared study Scriptures on their own must "be punished with the penalties by law established." With incredible audacity, the Council of Trent went so far as to forbid even the printing of and sale of the Bible! Anyone daring to violate this decree was anathematized, or cursed and damned to Hell for it. (Dogmatic Cannons and Decrees of the Council of Trent..., pages 11-13; Copyright 1977, 1912, with Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat. Tan Books and Publishers, P.O. Box 424, Rockford, IL 61105)

Still More Evidence Liguori, the most respected of Cannon Lawyers in the Roman Catholic Church, wrote that, "The Scriptures and books of Controversy may not be permitted in the vulgar tongue, as also they cannot be read without permission."

And Yet Even More Evidence Pope Clement XI (1713), in his bull Unigenitus, wrote that "We strictly forbid them [the laity] to have the books of the Old and New Testament in the vulgar tongue."

* FACT 2: Since Vatican Council II (1965) The Roman Catholic Church now permits her people to read the Bible, and even offers an 'indulgence' of three hundred days off of Purgatory time for doing, if they read in for at least fifteen minutes at one sitting. (The Holy Bible, Douay-Confraternity version Title Page overleaf.)

* FACT 3: Vatican Council II confirmed all pronouncements of the Council of Trent, which, as we see above, forbade the Bible to the people.

The Dilemma

QUESTION: Is it morally correct that some fry in Hell and others do not fry in Hell when both did exactly the same thing-read the Bible? Yes No

QUESTION: Since the Catholic law has changed, will God release from Hell those who read the Bible between the Council of Trent and the 1950's, when the Roman Catholic Church seemingly changed its mind? Yes No

QUESTION: Is it possible that reading the Bible is, despite Rome's historical condemnation of it, is pleasing to God? Yes No

QUESTION: Vatican Council II permitted the Bible to the people in their own language. The same Council also confirmed the Council of Trent, which forbade the Bible to the people in their own language. How do you reconcile this contradiction? Your Answer?

QUESTION: How do you reconcile a God who does not change His laws with a church that does? Your Answer?

Femdelo, the good catholic, has chosen to show how blind he is and how morally bankrupt he is by calling me a liar for telling the truth. Well, that is the vaticans way of dealing with truth. Repress it. Femdelo has now lost all credibility, what little he had. Being catholic wipes away most credibility anyway. Cant wait till brother Fem blurts out another falsehood. By the way, brother Fems breath always smells like his mouth is at the end of the vaticans colostomy bag

Monday, April 4, 2011

Catholics do not bow to graven images, you are just lying again, and again, and again about this.

A sub title would be..Hoist with his Own Petard
Thank you Jabba.Others, like SRDC have hinted at this, but yours is the eloquience ive been waiting for. Enjoy the pictures here in my wornderful site. Im sure Jabba does. Will someone forward this post to the Pope? He can be real proud of this Jabba Bozo.They indoctrinated him real good. catholics are so blinded by their indoctrination, that they get up off their knees from befor a graven image and say that they dont bow befor them.In Damians blog page there is an add for a italien eatery. It says something about communion and has a nice pic of some cute little girl made up in her, i guess, communion clothes? She has just gone thru rigorous indoctrination. The catholic church is the one true church.You must go to mass or suffer hell. All kinds of falsehoods have been jammed into that poor little childs skull. She is made twice the child of hell as her teachers.I want to cry when i see that. Now she can live a life of idolatry and think she is doing god a favor, like the rest of you brain dead catholics. You read the bible but dont see one gat dam word of it.Oh yes, its a great thing to bow to graven images. Our church says they are not idols, so we believe it.Thats rite good catholics, the Pope has som business to do, open wide, take every last lump.Vatican say Mary floated up to heaven and is queen with her own throne. Open wide catholics, here comes another load.Im waiting for the devilish Cc to announce that Mary is co-god.OOOHHHH, the Pope just took some metamuscil, open wide good catholics.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bow Down to the Cement God..SRDC Commands You

Femdelo says;..."You cannot interpret the second commandment literally or on its own"
Out of the other side of his mouth he says;..."In most cases where Catholics and Protestants disagree over biblical interpretation, it is because, ironically, the Catholics interpret the Bible literally"
Sister SRDC said that god commands us to make graven images. I dont have the energy to go back and find the quote , but its there.
A year ago i would attack them like a mad chiuaua. But now i see them for what they are....Unsaved. And catholic.It was no prob for me to ask to be saved. But the filthy catholic church teaches their flock from birth not to ask for salvation. Why, because their master, Satan , has no intention of anyone being saved. Look at what Femdleo says. Hes blind as a bat.Courtesy of Jesus. Hes actally said that catholic take the bible literally. MMMMMMAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Hes a good catholic. Plus hes no dummy. But Jesus said he blinds the unsaved eyes. Thats why he is defending the act of bowing to cement gods. Yes brother Fem, if you bow befor something, its a god to you. And dont try the stupid line that people bow to people who are in power. God is talking about religious worship bowing, an act of worshipping god. Blind catholics. They even try to nullify Jesus command not to call men Father by saying we call our dad father. Stick a sock in it you idiots. Jesus was refering to the calling of religious leaders Father. Jesus was all about the worship of god, not relations between the king and the dog catcher. You blind fools.If catholics take the bible literally, why are the on their stupid ass knees in front of cement gods? Ill tell you why. Cause they are blind leaders of the blind. And the jackass they call holy father sits back and rubs his hands in glee when his flock angers god by them bowing to graven images. May his hell be hotter than Hitlers. And their priesthood? They wonder why they are all perverts. Its cause they are priests of an idol worshipping cult.What else would you imbicils expect from wicked priests? Of course they are gonna molest your kids. And you wackos keep dropping your kids off to help the pervs out. You love it.Oh yes, bust up my little Egbert, we love it, because the catechism says that priests are little christs.
You blind and stupid fools.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Catholic Church Never Changes

The doctrine of purgatory established by Gregory I.
600 A.D. Latin language, used in prayer and worship, imposed by Gregory I.
600 A.D. Prayers directed to Mary, dead saints and angels.*
607 A.D. Title of pope, or universal bishop, given to Boniface III by Emperor Phocas.
709 A.D. Kissing the pope's foot, began with Constantine.
750 A.D. Temporal power of the popes conferred by Pepin, king of the Franks.
786 A.D. Authorised worship of the cross, images and relics.
850 A.D. Holy water, mixed with a pinch of salt and blessed by a priest.
890 A.D. Worship of Saint Joseph.
927 A.D. College of the Cardinals established.
965 A.D. Baptism of Bells, instituted by Pope John XIII.
995 A.D. Canonization of dead saints, by Pope John XV.
998 A.D. Fasting on Fridays and during Lent.
1079 A.D. Mandatory observance of the mass.
1090 A.D. The rosary, mechanical praying, invented by Peter the
The cup forbidden to the people at communion by the Council of Constance.
1439 A.D. Purgatory proclaimed as a dogma by the Council of Florence.
1439 A.D. The doctrine of seven sacraments affirmed.
1508 A.D. The Ave Maria (Hail Mary) -completed fifty years later and approved by Pope Sixtus V about 1600 A.D.
1534 A.D. Jesuit Order founded by Ignatius Loyola.
1545 A.D. Tradition declared of equal authority with the Bible by the Council of Trent.
1546 A.D. Apocryphal books added to the Bible by the Council of Trent.
1560 A.D. 'Creed' of Pope Pius IV imposed as the official creed.
1854 A.D. Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary proclaimed by Pope Pius IX.
1864 A.D. The 'Syllabus of Errors' proclaimed by Pope Pius IX and ratified by the Vatican Council; condemned freedom of religion, conscience, speech, press, and scientific discoveries which are not approved by the Roman Church; and also asserted the pope's temporal authority over all civil rules
1950 A.D. Assumption of the Virgin Mary (bodily ascension into heaven shortly after her death) proclaimed by Pope Pius XII.

*approximate dates

Our catholic church never changes. Well, maybe this is what we tell outsiders. But we have to change,cause some of our beliefs have become outdated, or found to be not so true.But still, this is the church Christ founded. Come home to Rome.The statues and holy images are there to bring you closer to Christ. Even Christ said it himself, that Staues must be used to elevate your walk with him. Paul said so too.

The Biggest Light of the World

Oh how i was mistaken that i could simply ask Jesus for salvation. I didnt understand that i had to go thru the Catholic Church to get to God. Now i do, thanks to Ben. The Novus Ordo or the extraordinary mass, i have to decied which one dispenses the grace. Take the wafer standing or kneeling, which one unlocks grace. Oh and the statues, they are powerful items that inspire me to hevenly places. Like Ben, i have a house full of them now. I bow to them all and get grace all day long. My large Statue of Mary even cries. Now i know that catholicism is the way, their statues have power. I see why all my fellow catholic bow to them. Its the rite thing to do. God loves statues im finding out in my new religion. I gave up reading the bible like my parish priest told me and i read the catechism now. Priests are little Christs and have the power to bring god down to earth. How wonderful. And to think i missed out on this for so long. The Catholic Churvh is pure and white and has never done any wrong to anyone, my priest told me. He said only pray to Mary because she will make sure Jesus get it. If i pray to Jesus, he might not hear it. Mary is more alert. Praise to the Virgin Godess of Heaven. One day you will be declaired co-God by the catholic church, praise be

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moderators....Turds in the Punchbowl

Im mad as hell, and im not going to take it anymore!!
Ive had scripture removed, ive had nice soft posts removed. Ive even had posts removed where i complimented a brother catholic. Ive warned these sniveling skinny little red nosed moderators to beware, or ill roast them like ducks. Turds in a punchbowl are what they are. Deleting the words of god. They will have thier reward.
Any comments will appear in a new post for all to see. Unedited of course. Time to follow our brother in Yemin and Tripoli and Egypt and the good ol US of A when we beat off the tea drinking faggoty british
oh nevermind, you are already here. a bad habbit of mine ..hehe

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roman Catholic Church

That horrid beast you call a religion. What a scam. How dumb can you be to believe your salvation is coming out of that pile of dead mens bones? Worshiping corpses and body parts. Well, it figures, it is a Satanic cult. Why do you people stay in it? Its sad to admit your catholic ancestors died catholic and unsaved. But now, its time to save yourself. Get out of that pile of bull dung and dead mens bones. Thanks for visiting. Come back later for more good news

Broomhilda? What the Hell is That

What the hell is this Broomhilda? Damians blog is like a public toilet, anyone can come in and use it. Evidensed by Broomhild. The cat drug in somethin nasty this time. A lousy stinkin homo, that loves to flaunt his sick sad homo ass self. This paloney pony rider has hinted that he/it is catholic. Now theres a jewel in the Popes Tiara. Hey Broom, do you go to mass early so you can let the priesty boys bust you up befor dispensing gods grace to the mentally impared.? You know what, ill bet you are an old faggot. Nothin worster than a fag but an old ass faggot.
Speaking of the impared, Eccles has been hounding me to give him an honorable mention. Theres another piece of work. And i know he/she is catholic. Good work Popey dopey. You got faithful goons everywhere. Ive been wondering if some good idol huggers were going to mount a concerted effort against me. Eccles has the guts to go it alone. I was hoping for stiffer resistance though. Eccles is the shining examlpe of the lack of good arguements you can find for idolatry and brown noseing the Pope. I can always tell when Eccles is near, i can smell the Popes dukey on his breath. But when jokers like Bellator opens his mouth, big chunks of Pope hocky come faling out. And Vitriola is there to lap them up. She loves the refuse that oozes out of the Vatican. Its hard to find faith so beautiful as Vitriols in that child molestin faggot Pope. Ill bet vitriol is a guy. Probably a catholic priest molester with a female alter ego. Yeah, thats the ticket,Vitriol is a faggot childmolesting priest

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brother Rashid the Winner

Everyone give Brother Rashid a big hand. Thank you, thank you. One person stood out amongst the crowd. He answered correct. Yea weeee. The others are blinded by satan. They take scripture and twist it till it snaps. There is no pergatory in scripture, its anti scriptural. But, the main point is sin. Rashid correctly noted that Jesus paid the price in full. The damned catholic cult tells you that you have to finish paying by your own suffering. Human scarifice. Thats like scrificing a dog. My catholic brothers and sisters, when will you wake up and drop this Satanic religion.? The plan of salvation is spelled out in the bible, how come you cant see it? Its because you need to be saved to see it. To be saved you need to feel the need for a personal saviour. You wont feel that need while youre kissing the ring of ol fatboy in the fish hat. Did you bible scholar catholics know that the definition of worship means to kiss a ring of someones? You will never feel the need for Christ while youre on your knees in front of some damned by god idol. Next time you go into your catholic latrine, i mean church, slap that pedophile prist for keeping you in the dark. He stands there and watches you bow befor graven images and smiles and waves. Thats when hes not in the back room bustin up the youngest alter boy. May God Damn the catholic cult. Conrgadulations to Brother Rashid

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Good News

The bad news is that if you die unsaved you spend eternity without Christ. Its cold out there. Did you know that he lights your soul at this very moment? He is like the sun and all out souls are warm in it. The good people and the bad people. Hell is separation from this warming light. And, to make things worster, god has created a lake of fire to toss hell into, with all the souls who didnt make it. Why am i hard on some of the people in Damiens blog? The good news is, i want to see them accept Christ and god does too. He sent his only begotten son to die to redeem us to him, and what do we do? We make false religions and worship the creature more than the creator. The protestant religions cant really be called religions, cause there is no set of rules, for the ones i know of. Then we have our real religions. Jehovas, Mormons,Moonies, Seventh days and the biggest of all, Catholics. God doesnt need someone to dispense him out. You go to Christ directly, alone. Ask him to reveal himself to you. If i seem harsh its because hell is forever. And i want to wake you up, "Your house is on fire" Damon is curious as to why i didnt roast Brother Johnhenry. Its cause he hasnt pissed me off that bad. Hamish was just being real rude to me. I usually dont care. But i have this colorfull blog and can say the things i cant in that rat infested telegraph blog. Brother Spocko demanded i roast him, along with Brother Damon. So i did. Good people, God loves you and wants to make you born again. No one goes up to heaven except he who came down from heaven.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hamish Sandwich

Brother Hamish wanted to know why i called him the Popes wife. Its because every time the Pope has to take a dump, Hamish is under his bum with his mouth wide open. Im trying to use as many british terms as i can. Forgive me if i use them wrong. Oh yes, the Pope needs to pop a load, Hamish is there to take it in the hershey hiway. What are wives good for? The pope likes his male wife. All them catholic priests like those boys, dont they, Hamish? Say Hamish, did you get buggerd as an alterboy? Is that why you love taking it big now, as an adult? You liked it , huh hamish? All them priests of Baal love perversion. The religion of graven images. Hamish is at the forfront, waving the flag. Whoops, the Pope needs to pop another load Hamish. Better get down on your knees and spread um wide.
The Popes turds are the false teaching of that filty catholic cult.
Hamish eating them are him believing them
Good luck finding salvation in a perverse pedophile religion Hamish

Damon and Siggy Baby sittin in a Tree

I thought Signum was from Defenders of the Catholic Faith site. You catholics ought to go hang out there. The moderators dont allow any info that isnt straight from a catholic site. HAhaha. The truth they dont want any part of. Not that all non catholic site are wells of true info. But catholic sites are pure fantasy. No salvation outside the catholic church. Actally, its the other way around. I know a few people who got out of that catholic pile of dog dukey. The graven images convinced my girlfriend to get out. Jehovas and mormons are just as bad. being unsaved is just as bad. But alas, there are blind followers of the blind like Damon who loves the golden cup rituals. He loves when the pedophiles mumble majic words and god crawls into his golden cage. Siggy is the worst. She stomps out any non catholic ideas on her sick ass site. You should see some of the pompus idiots on that site. They know all about the rituals and this and that. But Christ is nowhere to be found. They hate jesus. They bring up their kids to love idolatry like themselfs. Therefor the childerns blood will be on their hands. Then they drop their kids off with the priests so that those butthole priests can satisfy their satanic urges, while the dummies like Damon are out in the pews, the priests is in the back raping his kids. Dont mention it though, catholic say they are tired of hearing it, while the adult survivors commit suicide. Get back on your knees to that idol and swear your not worshipping Mary. How stupid can you be? Damon, Siggy baby and Spocko can sit in a tree, K- I _ S _ S- I- N-G. Congatulating each other on the amount of catholic horse dukey they can fit in their mouth at one time. Stupid idiots. I preach the words of Christ, and you butt bangers can only call me names. Spocko thinks hes smart. How smart can someone be with a mouthful of a catholic priests poop. The priest poops in his hand and throws it out to the audience, them with their mouths open ready for it. Jesus said ..I am the way, all others are robbers and come to kill and destroy.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Doctor Who 2

I pull my punches, one, because im nice, second, because those catholic moderators will just cut them. Who 2 goes from Ok to bleak by the day. He likes to come off as smart. But how smart can you be if you think your salvation comes from some child molester in a robe? Someone said in Damiens blog that the anglican molesters are becoming catholic because the protection for molesters is best there. That sounds rite. Who 2, you might be smart, but so was Paul. And he was headed for the pit. Jesus reached down into the dung and picked him out. Thats where you are, wallowing in your own dukey. I was there once, thats how i know. Who 2 thinks his Popes will save him on the dark and terrible day of the Lord. Who 2, your pope will burn as chaff like you will, if you follow them into the ditch. You are a blind Bozo following a blind Bozo, and both you Bozos will fall into the ditch. So go suck on that big molesters ring, bow befor him, maybe get a little of his dukey on they nose, and hope he saves you.