Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Damon and Siggy Baby sittin in a Tree

I thought Signum was from Defenders of the Catholic Faith site. You catholics ought to go hang out there. The moderators dont allow any info that isnt straight from a catholic site. HAhaha. The truth they dont want any part of. Not that all non catholic site are wells of true info. But catholic sites are pure fantasy. No salvation outside the catholic church. Actally, its the other way around. I know a few people who got out of that catholic pile of dog dukey. The graven images convinced my girlfriend to get out. Jehovas and mormons are just as bad. being unsaved is just as bad. But alas, there are blind followers of the blind like Damon who loves the golden cup rituals. He loves when the pedophiles mumble majic words and god crawls into his golden cage. Siggy is the worst. She stomps out any non catholic ideas on her sick ass site. You should see some of the pompus idiots on that site. They know all about the rituals and this and that. But Christ is nowhere to be found. They hate jesus. They bring up their kids to love idolatry like themselfs. Therefor the childerns blood will be on their hands. Then they drop their kids off with the priests so that those butthole priests can satisfy their satanic urges, while the dummies like Damon are out in the pews, the priests is in the back raping his kids. Dont mention it though, catholic say they are tired of hearing it, while the adult survivors commit suicide. Get back on your knees to that idol and swear your not worshipping Mary. How stupid can you be? Damon, Siggy baby and Spocko can sit in a tree, K- I _ S _ S- I- N-G. Congatulating each other on the amount of catholic horse dukey they can fit in their mouth at one time. Stupid idiots. I preach the words of Christ, and you butt bangers can only call me names. Spocko thinks hes smart. How smart can someone be with a mouthful of a catholic priests poop. The priest poops in his hand and throws it out to the audience, them with their mouths open ready for it. Jesus said ..I am the way, all others are robbers and come to kill and destroy.

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