Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Monday, April 18, 2011

What utter bollocks boscot. Another lie to add to your growing list.

Catholic Dilemma: Reading the Bible

* FACT 1: Until the present generation, the Roman Catholic Church forbade her people to read the Bible for themselves under pain of 'mortal sin.' That is, the Catholic who owned or read the Bible was de facto condemned to Hell.


The Bible was placed on Rome's Index of Forbidden Books list by the Council of Toulouse/Toledo in the year 1229. It remained there until the index was discontinued at Vatican Council II. Anyone reading or owning a 'forbidden' book was anathematized, or cursed and remanded to hell for doing so.

Cannon 14 from the Council of Toulouse says that the Roman Catholic Church:

"Forbids the laity to have in their possession any copy of the books of the Old and New Testament.... and most strictly forbids these works in the vulgar tongue."

Roman Catholic apologist Karl Keating confirms this fact when he writes that, "the bishops at Toulouse restricted the use of the Bible until the [Albigensian] heresy was ended." (Page 45, Catholicism and Fundamentalism, by Karl Keating). The peculiar thing is that the Bible remained on the Index of Forbidden Books for another 730 years! In his dance with truth, Mr. Keating takes care to omit this little fact.

Still More Evidence. This teaching was confirmed at the Council of Trent (Session IV, April 8, 1546 Decree Concerning the Canonical Scriptures). The Council of Trent went further, stating that anyone who dared study Scriptures on their own must "be punished with the penalties by law established." With incredible audacity, the Council of Trent went so far as to forbid even the printing of and sale of the Bible! Anyone daring to violate this decree was anathematized, or cursed and damned to Hell for it. (Dogmatic Cannons and Decrees of the Council of Trent..., pages 11-13; Copyright 1977, 1912, with Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat. Tan Books and Publishers, P.O. Box 424, Rockford, IL 61105)

Still More Evidence Liguori, the most respected of Cannon Lawyers in the Roman Catholic Church, wrote that, "The Scriptures and books of Controversy may not be permitted in the vulgar tongue, as also they cannot be read without permission."

And Yet Even More Evidence Pope Clement XI (1713), in his bull Unigenitus, wrote that "We strictly forbid them [the laity] to have the books of the Old and New Testament in the vulgar tongue."

* FACT 2: Since Vatican Council II (1965) The Roman Catholic Church now permits her people to read the Bible, and even offers an 'indulgence' of three hundred days off of Purgatory time for doing, if they read in for at least fifteen minutes at one sitting. (The Holy Bible, Douay-Confraternity version Title Page overleaf.)

* FACT 3: Vatican Council II confirmed all pronouncements of the Council of Trent, which, as we see above, forbade the Bible to the people.

The Dilemma

QUESTION: Is it morally correct that some fry in Hell and others do not fry in Hell when both did exactly the same thing-read the Bible? Yes No

QUESTION: Since the Catholic law has changed, will God release from Hell those who read the Bible between the Council of Trent and the 1950's, when the Roman Catholic Church seemingly changed its mind? Yes No

QUESTION: Is it possible that reading the Bible is, despite Rome's historical condemnation of it, is pleasing to God? Yes No

QUESTION: Vatican Council II permitted the Bible to the people in their own language. The same Council also confirmed the Council of Trent, which forbade the Bible to the people in their own language. How do you reconcile this contradiction? Your Answer?

QUESTION: How do you reconcile a God who does not change His laws with a church that does? Your Answer?

Femdelo, the good catholic, has chosen to show how blind he is and how morally bankrupt he is by calling me a liar for telling the truth. Well, that is the vaticans way of dealing with truth. Repress it. Femdelo has now lost all credibility, what little he had. Being catholic wipes away most credibility anyway. Cant wait till brother Fem blurts out another falsehood. By the way, brother Fems breath always smells like his mouth is at the end of the vaticans colostomy bag

Monday, April 4, 2011

Catholics do not bow to graven images, you are just lying again, and again, and again about this.

A sub title would be..Hoist with his Own Petard
Thank you Jabba.Others, like SRDC have hinted at this, but yours is the eloquience ive been waiting for. Enjoy the pictures here in my wornderful site. Im sure Jabba does. Will someone forward this post to the Pope? He can be real proud of this Jabba Bozo.They indoctrinated him real good. catholics are so blinded by their indoctrination, that they get up off their knees from befor a graven image and say that they dont bow befor them.In Damians blog page there is an add for a italien eatery. It says something about communion and has a nice pic of some cute little girl made up in her, i guess, communion clothes? She has just gone thru rigorous indoctrination. The catholic church is the one true church.You must go to mass or suffer hell. All kinds of falsehoods have been jammed into that poor little childs skull. She is made twice the child of hell as her teachers.I want to cry when i see that. Now she can live a life of idolatry and think she is doing god a favor, like the rest of you brain dead catholics. You read the bible but dont see one gat dam word of it.Oh yes, its a great thing to bow to graven images. Our church says they are not idols, so we believe it.Thats rite good catholics, the Pope has som business to do, open wide, take every last lump.Vatican say Mary floated up to heaven and is queen with her own throne. Open wide catholics, here comes another load.Im waiting for the devilish Cc to announce that Mary is co-god.OOOHHHH, the Pope just took some metamuscil, open wide good catholics.