Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brother Rashid the Winner

Everyone give Brother Rashid a big hand. Thank you, thank you. One person stood out amongst the crowd. He answered correct. Yea weeee. The others are blinded by satan. They take scripture and twist it till it snaps. There is no pergatory in scripture, its anti scriptural. But, the main point is sin. Rashid correctly noted that Jesus paid the price in full. The damned catholic cult tells you that you have to finish paying by your own suffering. Human scarifice. Thats like scrificing a dog. My catholic brothers and sisters, when will you wake up and drop this Satanic religion.? The plan of salvation is spelled out in the bible, how come you cant see it? Its because you need to be saved to see it. To be saved you need to feel the need for a personal saviour. You wont feel that need while youre kissing the ring of ol fatboy in the fish hat. Did you bible scholar catholics know that the definition of worship means to kiss a ring of someones? You will never feel the need for Christ while youre on your knees in front of some damned by god idol. Next time you go into your catholic latrine, i mean church, slap that pedophile prist for keeping you in the dark. He stands there and watches you bow befor graven images and smiles and waves. Thats when hes not in the back room bustin up the youngest alter boy. May God Damn the catholic cult. Conrgadulations to Brother Rashid

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