Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Good News

The bad news is that if you die unsaved you spend eternity without Christ. Its cold out there. Did you know that he lights your soul at this very moment? He is like the sun and all out souls are warm in it. The good people and the bad people. Hell is separation from this warming light. And, to make things worster, god has created a lake of fire to toss hell into, with all the souls who didnt make it. Why am i hard on some of the people in Damiens blog? The good news is, i want to see them accept Christ and god does too. He sent his only begotten son to die to redeem us to him, and what do we do? We make false religions and worship the creature more than the creator. The protestant religions cant really be called religions, cause there is no set of rules, for the ones i know of. Then we have our real religions. Jehovas, Mormons,Moonies, Seventh days and the biggest of all, Catholics. God doesnt need someone to dispense him out. You go to Christ directly, alone. Ask him to reveal himself to you. If i seem harsh its because hell is forever. And i want to wake you up, "Your house is on fire" Damon is curious as to why i didnt roast Brother Johnhenry. Its cause he hasnt pissed me off that bad. Hamish was just being real rude to me. I usually dont care. But i have this colorfull blog and can say the things i cant in that rat infested telegraph blog. Brother Spocko demanded i roast him, along with Brother Damon. So i did. Good people, God loves you and wants to make you born again. No one goes up to heaven except he who came down from heaven.

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