Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Monday, July 25, 2011

Catholic Church is full of the Occult

In the picture to the left, under the bell tower is the All Seeing Eye of Horace. A notorious Freemason and occult Egyptian symbol. To the right, behind the costume holyman is anothe Seeing Eye. Someone blabbed out that the CC doesnt agree with Freemasonry. But i assure you, the catholic cult is chock full of freemasons. Over in the new pics section, we see Pope John paul sitting in his Lazy-boy. Notice the upside down cross on his chair. This is a well known Satanist symbol. Look it up for yourselfs. Some idiot catholic told me it was the cross of Peter. Of course catholics will say anything to smooth things over. A cross of a man! A sinful man. Did Peter die for my sins? Is he a spotless sacrifice? I guess if i was in a false religion, i would have to say anything also. Here is what the occult symbols do. They use witchcraft to control your mind and keep you in the cult of the costume holyman. Look at catholics. In the face of accurate evidence that the CC is the woman on the beast, they still say its not. That hypnosis. The cult of the roman holyman uses incantations and spells. The pedophile priest mumbles magic words and god obeys. Look at the Jesuits. Ever heard of a Black Mass? The Jesuits have those black hoodie robes with the rope for a belt. The have a big bon fire and stand around it chanting things. Dark words. They do this in the Vatican also. Time to rethink where you trust your salvation in. Tune in next time when i will expose the Black Pope. In the mean time, you could look it up. Now get back on your knees to Jupiter, the Pope commands you

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  1. Where did my other post go??

    I can answer any question regarding the catholic church. Good answers btw. The women on the beast thing...well...we....our lady of fatima in her third secret, and others who look into it, do believe its from the seat of peter (the pope) however, we believe that it will be a false pope who will go about desecrating the mass, and being pure evil. You said above that a priest mumbles magic words and god obeys. Well your pastors mumble words about baptism and the spirit obeys. God has to use people as instruments. He, i assure you, will not ascend in human form and do this or that.