Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Doctor Who 2

I pull my punches, one, because im nice, second, because those catholic moderators will just cut them. Who 2 goes from Ok to bleak by the day. He likes to come off as smart. But how smart can you be if you think your salvation comes from some child molester in a robe? Someone said in Damiens blog that the anglican molesters are becoming catholic because the protection for molesters is best there. That sounds rite. Who 2, you might be smart, but so was Paul. And he was headed for the pit. Jesus reached down into the dung and picked him out. Thats where you are, wallowing in your own dukey. I was there once, thats how i know. Who 2 thinks his Popes will save him on the dark and terrible day of the Lord. Who 2, your pope will burn as chaff like you will, if you follow them into the ditch. You are a blind Bozo following a blind Bozo, and both you Bozos will fall into the ditch. So go suck on that big molesters ring, bow befor him, maybe get a little of his dukey on they nose, and hope he saves you.

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