Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ill Cry a River Over You

Hey, who said catholic statues dont have power? Well, we do when asked by a non catholic. It keeps the conversation simple. But halleelouya, our graven images are the best. Yessereee Bob. Hey lookee here, our Mary statue is cryin up a storm.Boy howdee, JohnPaul got him a real fancy idol happening there. Ooooweee, it great to be catholic. JohnPaul is standing cause hes a little sore from doing penance the nite befor. If its good enough for our blessed Pope, its good enough for me. I whipped myself so long and hard last nite, i could see the gates of heaven and Peter wavin at me. Yeah baby yeah.Hey now, looks like the local graven image of Mary has quite a following today. How does that old song go....oh yeah.......At the foot of the ol rugged graven image....toodle dee doo. God must be lovin that. The faithful on their knees befor an image. The bible speaks of little else. Jesus and his boys always found time to bow to the statue of Mary. Ahh forget the second commandment. Bibles are all wrong. The wonderful catechism got rid of that pesky command.One day we will fire back up the Inquisition and hang anyone who wont bow to image. Oh the glory days of the Catholic Church, we need them back again. Then we could change the name of the office in charge back to its real name...The Holy Office. We changed it because it brought up ugly memories. Now its called Doctrine of Faith or some non sense. Once again when the air is black with the smoke of burning bible believers we will restore the name Holy Office. Thank you Mary. Oh Mary, let the streets run red with the blood of heretics who dont follow the Pontif of Rome.Thank you Mary

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jessicas Trip to Idols R Us

Oh, god commands us to make images. He has cherubs on the Ark therefor we can make all kinds of graven images. Look, Moses made a bronz sepent. So you see, the second commandment is no good.
 Blind religious catholics. God told Moses to put cherubs on the Ark, ....he told US no to make graven images and bow to them. Stupid hellbound catholics, no one could look at the Ark but the high priest. People didnt file by it and kiss it like idol worshiping catholics do to Jupiter in the hellish Vatican.Oh but the bronze serpent, that makes it ok to make idols. Once again you punchdrunk catholics, what your pedophile priests dont tell you is Hezikiah got rid of the serpent cause people were venerating it....worshiping it. God hates venerating objects. Thats why its so big in the catholic church. The CC does everything god hates, because the leader of the CC wants to keep you out of heaven.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Twofold the Child of Hell

Here we have to root of the problem. Look at that precious new child, her head already being filled with idolatry. She will grow up into that murderous cult and will not be swayed. Unless god moves her heart, as he did my girlfriends, to see the fallacy in the idols and the Mary worship. This girls father wants to drag her to hell with him. Of course he thinks hes going to heaven, because he has beads. Hes blind, like anyone who remains in that dirty filthy catholic cult of personality. He knows not to bow to graven images or to serve them. But i bet he bows to the female statue and lights candles befor it. That is serving it, lighting candles befor it. The light of Christ is not in people who do such things. Come out of her and seek the Lord while He may be found...cause hes heading south after the rapture.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gay Catholic..a new member of Damiens Blog

How refreshing, a catholic whos not afraid to let everyone know they are homo and to make things better, have a priest as their life partner. Here you go catholics, this priest is administering rituals that bring god down from heaven. That means, the folks in the pews are getting nothing(like they do at all catholic services). Oh, but theres tons of homo priests. Why? The catholic church forbids this, at least on paper. A male escort service was being run out of the Basilica. Its called ...say one thing and do another. I noticed very little outrage by the good idolaters in Damiens site at this faggot priest. I guess they are used to it by now. Their consciense being seared with a hot iron, they accept the unholiness of their religion. What else to do? Surely not to ask Jesus for salvation. That goes against catholic teaching. But look at the good catholics who supported the GayCatholic. Enjoy. Catholicism is one big pile of dung. To be fair, all religions are dung heaps.
Keep up the good work GayCatholic. Dont be shy, keep posting about your life with the priest.