Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Catholic Church Never Changes

The doctrine of purgatory established by Gregory I.
600 A.D. Latin language, used in prayer and worship, imposed by Gregory I.
600 A.D. Prayers directed to Mary, dead saints and angels.*
607 A.D. Title of pope, or universal bishop, given to Boniface III by Emperor Phocas.
709 A.D. Kissing the pope's foot, began with Constantine.
750 A.D. Temporal power of the popes conferred by Pepin, king of the Franks.
786 A.D. Authorised worship of the cross, images and relics.
850 A.D. Holy water, mixed with a pinch of salt and blessed by a priest.
890 A.D. Worship of Saint Joseph.
927 A.D. College of the Cardinals established.
965 A.D. Baptism of Bells, instituted by Pope John XIII.
995 A.D. Canonization of dead saints, by Pope John XV.
998 A.D. Fasting on Fridays and during Lent.
1079 A.D. Mandatory observance of the mass.
1090 A.D. The rosary, mechanical praying, invented by Peter the
The cup forbidden to the people at communion by the Council of Constance.
1439 A.D. Purgatory proclaimed as a dogma by the Council of Florence.
1439 A.D. The doctrine of seven sacraments affirmed.
1508 A.D. The Ave Maria (Hail Mary) -completed fifty years later and approved by Pope Sixtus V about 1600 A.D.
1534 A.D. Jesuit Order founded by Ignatius Loyola.
1545 A.D. Tradition declared of equal authority with the Bible by the Council of Trent.
1546 A.D. Apocryphal books added to the Bible by the Council of Trent.
1560 A.D. 'Creed' of Pope Pius IV imposed as the official creed.
1854 A.D. Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary proclaimed by Pope Pius IX.
1864 A.D. The 'Syllabus of Errors' proclaimed by Pope Pius IX and ratified by the Vatican Council; condemned freedom of religion, conscience, speech, press, and scientific discoveries which are not approved by the Roman Church; and also asserted the pope's temporal authority over all civil rules
1950 A.D. Assumption of the Virgin Mary (bodily ascension into heaven shortly after her death) proclaimed by Pope Pius XII.

*approximate dates

Our catholic church never changes. Well, maybe this is what we tell outsiders. But we have to change,cause some of our beliefs have become outdated, or found to be not so true.But still, this is the church Christ founded. Come home to Rome.The statues and holy images are there to bring you closer to Christ. Even Christ said it himself, that Staues must be used to elevate your walk with him. Paul said so too.

The Biggest Light of the World

Oh how i was mistaken that i could simply ask Jesus for salvation. I didnt understand that i had to go thru the Catholic Church to get to God. Now i do, thanks to Ben. The Novus Ordo or the extraordinary mass, i have to decied which one dispenses the grace. Take the wafer standing or kneeling, which one unlocks grace. Oh and the statues, they are powerful items that inspire me to hevenly places. Like Ben, i have a house full of them now. I bow to them all and get grace all day long. My large Statue of Mary even cries. Now i know that catholicism is the way, their statues have power. I see why all my fellow catholic bow to them. Its the rite thing to do. God loves statues im finding out in my new religion. I gave up reading the bible like my parish priest told me and i read the catechism now. Priests are little Christs and have the power to bring god down to earth. How wonderful. And to think i missed out on this for so long. The Catholic Churvh is pure and white and has never done any wrong to anyone, my priest told me. He said only pray to Mary because she will make sure Jesus get it. If i pray to Jesus, he might not hear it. Mary is more alert. Praise to the Virgin Godess of Heaven. One day you will be declaired co-God by the catholic church, praise be

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moderators....Turds in the Punchbowl

Im mad as hell, and im not going to take it anymore!!
Ive had scripture removed, ive had nice soft posts removed. Ive even had posts removed where i complimented a brother catholic. Ive warned these sniveling skinny little red nosed moderators to beware, or ill roast them like ducks. Turds in a punchbowl are what they are. Deleting the words of god. They will have thier reward.
Any comments will appear in a new post for all to see. Unedited of course. Time to follow our brother in Yemin and Tripoli and Egypt and the good ol US of A when we beat off the tea drinking faggoty british
oh nevermind, you are already here. a bad habbit of mine ..hehe

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roman Catholic Church

That horrid beast you call a religion. What a scam. How dumb can you be to believe your salvation is coming out of that pile of dead mens bones? Worshiping corpses and body parts. Well, it figures, it is a Satanic cult. Why do you people stay in it? Its sad to admit your catholic ancestors died catholic and unsaved. But now, its time to save yourself. Get out of that pile of bull dung and dead mens bones. Thanks for visiting. Come back later for more good news

Broomhilda? What the Hell is That

What the hell is this Broomhilda? Damians blog is like a public toilet, anyone can come in and use it. Evidensed by Broomhild. The cat drug in somethin nasty this time. A lousy stinkin homo, that loves to flaunt his sick sad homo ass self. This paloney pony rider has hinted that he/it is catholic. Now theres a jewel in the Popes Tiara. Hey Broom, do you go to mass early so you can let the priesty boys bust you up befor dispensing gods grace to the mentally impared.? You know what, ill bet you are an old faggot. Nothin worster than a fag but an old ass faggot.
Speaking of the impared, Eccles has been hounding me to give him an honorable mention. Theres another piece of work. And i know he/she is catholic. Good work Popey dopey. You got faithful goons everywhere. Ive been wondering if some good idol huggers were going to mount a concerted effort against me. Eccles has the guts to go it alone. I was hoping for stiffer resistance though. Eccles is the shining examlpe of the lack of good arguements you can find for idolatry and brown noseing the Pope. I can always tell when Eccles is near, i can smell the Popes dukey on his breath. But when jokers like Bellator opens his mouth, big chunks of Pope hocky come faling out. And Vitriola is there to lap them up. She loves the refuse that oozes out of the Vatican. Its hard to find faith so beautiful as Vitriols in that child molestin faggot Pope. Ill bet vitriol is a guy. Probably a catholic priest molester with a female alter ego. Yeah, thats the ticket,Vitriol is a faggot childmolesting priest

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brother Rashid the Winner

Everyone give Brother Rashid a big hand. Thank you, thank you. One person stood out amongst the crowd. He answered correct. Yea weeee. The others are blinded by satan. They take scripture and twist it till it snaps. There is no pergatory in scripture, its anti scriptural. But, the main point is sin. Rashid correctly noted that Jesus paid the price in full. The damned catholic cult tells you that you have to finish paying by your own suffering. Human scarifice. Thats like scrificing a dog. My catholic brothers and sisters, when will you wake up and drop this Satanic religion.? The plan of salvation is spelled out in the bible, how come you cant see it? Its because you need to be saved to see it. To be saved you need to feel the need for a personal saviour. You wont feel that need while youre kissing the ring of ol fatboy in the fish hat. Did you bible scholar catholics know that the definition of worship means to kiss a ring of someones? You will never feel the need for Christ while youre on your knees in front of some damned by god idol. Next time you go into your catholic latrine, i mean church, slap that pedophile prist for keeping you in the dark. He stands there and watches you bow befor graven images and smiles and waves. Thats when hes not in the back room bustin up the youngest alter boy. May God Damn the catholic cult. Conrgadulations to Brother Rashid

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Good News

The bad news is that if you die unsaved you spend eternity without Christ. Its cold out there. Did you know that he lights your soul at this very moment? He is like the sun and all out souls are warm in it. The good people and the bad people. Hell is separation from this warming light. And, to make things worster, god has created a lake of fire to toss hell into, with all the souls who didnt make it. Why am i hard on some of the people in Damiens blog? The good news is, i want to see them accept Christ and god does too. He sent his only begotten son to die to redeem us to him, and what do we do? We make false religions and worship the creature more than the creator. The protestant religions cant really be called religions, cause there is no set of rules, for the ones i know of. Then we have our real religions. Jehovas, Mormons,Moonies, Seventh days and the biggest of all, Catholics. God doesnt need someone to dispense him out. You go to Christ directly, alone. Ask him to reveal himself to you. If i seem harsh its because hell is forever. And i want to wake you up, "Your house is on fire" Damon is curious as to why i didnt roast Brother Johnhenry. Its cause he hasnt pissed me off that bad. Hamish was just being real rude to me. I usually dont care. But i have this colorfull blog and can say the things i cant in that rat infested telegraph blog. Brother Spocko demanded i roast him, along with Brother Damon. So i did. Good people, God loves you and wants to make you born again. No one goes up to heaven except he who came down from heaven.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hamish Sandwich

Brother Hamish wanted to know why i called him the Popes wife. Its because every time the Pope has to take a dump, Hamish is under his bum with his mouth wide open. Im trying to use as many british terms as i can. Forgive me if i use them wrong. Oh yes, the Pope needs to pop a load, Hamish is there to take it in the hershey hiway. What are wives good for? The pope likes his male wife. All them catholic priests like those boys, dont they, Hamish? Say Hamish, did you get buggerd as an alterboy? Is that why you love taking it big now, as an adult? You liked it , huh hamish? All them priests of Baal love perversion. The religion of graven images. Hamish is at the forfront, waving the flag. Whoops, the Pope needs to pop another load Hamish. Better get down on your knees and spread um wide.
The Popes turds are the false teaching of that filty catholic cult.
Hamish eating them are him believing them
Good luck finding salvation in a perverse pedophile religion Hamish

Damon and Siggy Baby sittin in a Tree

I thought Signum was from Defenders of the Catholic Faith site. You catholics ought to go hang out there. The moderators dont allow any info that isnt straight from a catholic site. HAhaha. The truth they dont want any part of. Not that all non catholic site are wells of true info. But catholic sites are pure fantasy. No salvation outside the catholic church. Actally, its the other way around. I know a few people who got out of that catholic pile of dog dukey. The graven images convinced my girlfriend to get out. Jehovas and mormons are just as bad. being unsaved is just as bad. But alas, there are blind followers of the blind like Damon who loves the golden cup rituals. He loves when the pedophiles mumble majic words and god crawls into his golden cage. Siggy is the worst. She stomps out any non catholic ideas on her sick ass site. You should see some of the pompus idiots on that site. They know all about the rituals and this and that. But Christ is nowhere to be found. They hate jesus. They bring up their kids to love idolatry like themselfs. Therefor the childerns blood will be on their hands. Then they drop their kids off with the priests so that those butthole priests can satisfy their satanic urges, while the dummies like Damon are out in the pews, the priests is in the back raping his kids. Dont mention it though, catholic say they are tired of hearing it, while the adult survivors commit suicide. Get back on your knees to that idol and swear your not worshipping Mary. How stupid can you be? Damon, Siggy baby and Spocko can sit in a tree, K- I _ S _ S- I- N-G. Congatulating each other on the amount of catholic horse dukey they can fit in their mouth at one time. Stupid idiots. I preach the words of Christ, and you butt bangers can only call me names. Spocko thinks hes smart. How smart can someone be with a mouthful of a catholic priests poop. The priest poops in his hand and throws it out to the audience, them with their mouths open ready for it. Jesus said ..I am the way, all others are robbers and come to kill and destroy.