Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Broomhilda? What the Hell is That

What the hell is this Broomhilda? Damians blog is like a public toilet, anyone can come in and use it. Evidensed by Broomhild. The cat drug in somethin nasty this time. A lousy stinkin homo, that loves to flaunt his sick sad homo ass self. This paloney pony rider has hinted that he/it is catholic. Now theres a jewel in the Popes Tiara. Hey Broom, do you go to mass early so you can let the priesty boys bust you up befor dispensing gods grace to the mentally impared.? You know what, ill bet you are an old faggot. Nothin worster than a fag but an old ass faggot.
Speaking of the impared, Eccles has been hounding me to give him an honorable mention. Theres another piece of work. And i know he/she is catholic. Good work Popey dopey. You got faithful goons everywhere. Ive been wondering if some good idol huggers were going to mount a concerted effort against me. Eccles has the guts to go it alone. I was hoping for stiffer resistance though. Eccles is the shining examlpe of the lack of good arguements you can find for idolatry and brown noseing the Pope. I can always tell when Eccles is near, i can smell the Popes dukey on his breath. But when jokers like Bellator opens his mouth, big chunks of Pope hocky come faling out. And Vitriola is there to lap them up. She loves the refuse that oozes out of the Vatican. Its hard to find faith so beautiful as Vitriols in that child molestin faggot Pope. Ill bet vitriol is a guy. Probably a catholic priest molester with a female alter ego. Yeah, thats the ticket,Vitriol is a faggot childmolesting priest

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  1. Nothing like good humour on an a Tuesday night.