Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mary Save Me

 Catholic images of some female they want you to think is  Mary. Most of the time they have her dress as a nun. Wont they be surprised at judgment.
Hey, Mary is supposed to save me!
Sorry. You got tricked by your master, Satanas. You should have believed the bible.

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  1. Bosco,

    I do want to ask you a question on a serious but respectful note here on something. It is not to argue with you, as I never want to do that, bc like I always say, "For some reason you always place a smile on my face." This is truly to get your thoughts on something.

    I know a lot of people think we worship Mary, and I do not want to get into that, but...

    Okay, I have pictures of my grandbabies all over my house, and other what-nots-as well. I have many Protestant friends who have statues of angels, pictures of Jesus etc... in their homes.

    Now I kiss the pictures of my grandbabies all the time. I mean, I cannot help it, especially when I am dusting them.

    The Bible does say, "We are not to make a graven image of any kind. Like one from under the sea, above the sea etc...

    So would you consider, me kissing a picture of my grandbabies idol worshipping and also my what-nots? Really just want to know your thoughts on that? Thanks a bunch, dear brother in Christ, God Bless, SR