Deposit of Faith

Deposit of Faith

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Evangelicals Convert to Catholic Church

Here is what a catholic has to say about this ; ....In addition, ERC's are often led to Catholicism because of certain "crises." These crises may include mystical experiences, the need for healing, family tragedy, or dissatisfaction with life. The most common crisis for ERC's, however, is what McKnight calls "a desire for transcendence." This desire for transcendence usually takes four forms: (1) a desire for certainty; (2) a desire for history; (3) a desire for unity; and (4) a desire for authority. History? Authority? Open a history book and youll get a facefull of murder and corruption spewing out of the Vaitcan. Autority? Catholics like to claim Peter is the founder of the catholi chhurch. Peter would roll over in his grave if he knew that bogus claim was running about. Peter would never be involved in idols and holymen with big robes and babylonian fish hats. And perverse priests galore. Thats nuts


  1. Catholics are taught Peter is the Rock the church is founded on. Yes, the catholic church is founded on a man. I dont have to remind anybody what the Rock did about a week or two after Jesus had this chat with Peter, do i? Yor Rock denied Jesus 3 times and even cursed when he denied him.Yeah, thats who the catholic church is built on. The actaual church is all the saved believers. Our actual bodies are the temple of God